What Is It? 
What is it?...It's art in a window!
The Pages Art Window is a stand-alone section of our storefront window, facing onto Queen St. West, and dedicated to the display of works by local artists. Marc Glassman, the proprietor of Pages, programmes the window. He can be reached via email at marc@pagesbooks.ca. Submissions should be made via email using text and jpeg or pdf files. A summary of the artist's previous shows and the intent behind the work being submitted should be included.
View of Pages Books and Magazines Art Window
In general, we look for art that addresses the public in an interesting and possibly provocative manner. Esoteric pieces don't tend to work in the window, nor do small or dark works. The light on Queen Street and the hustle and bustle of daily pedestrian traffic are not conducive to wonderfully obscure works. The joy is that the converse is true: pieces that do work with the public often win recognition from people who don't often go to art galleries.
We are very happy to work with festivals and institutions like Mayworks, OCAD and Contact. Artwork that co-ordinates with events happening in other parts of the city are encouraged. Please let us know as soon as possible if your piece is being co-presented with another organization.