Down & Out in Paris & London - STAFF PICK
By George Orwell
Published by Penguin Books Canada

STAFF PICK - Rob's Pick


“I saw a hang-dog man, obviously a tramp, coming towards me, and when I looked again it was myself, reflected in a store window.” In this, his debut novel, the most important English writer since Shakespeare gives us a nightmarish first hand account of his epic decent from gentleman status to unwilling resident of the suburbs of poverty. From life as a slave within the belly of Paris, to his days spent wandering the streets with the tramps, swindlers and disturbingly malnourished of London, Orwell describes in vivid detail how not only was his dignity stripped from him, but also his moustache.

Title: Down & Out in Paris & London - STAFF PICK
Author: George Orwell
Publisher: Penguin Books Canada