Bartleby and Co. - STAFF PICK
By Enrique Vila-Matas
Published by New Directions

STAFF PICK - Rob's Pick


What makes a young successful writer like Salinger or Rimbaud choose to abandon their pen? Why would somebody, respected by literary circles for their brilliance and immense potential, decide to not even write a single page? These walking enigmas are what Vila-Matas labels The Writers of the No, individuals who, like Herman Melville’s character Bartleby the Scrivener, would rather answer the call of duty with the phrase – “I would prefer not to”. Here, in one of the most enjoyable reads I’ve come across in recent memory, we are taken on a guided tour through the tragic and entertaining lives of those fallen prey to the Bartleby Syndrome. A post-modern masterpiece!

Title: Bartleby and Co. - STAFF PICK
Author: Enrique Vila-Matas
Publisher: New Directions