The Animal's Day: An Island Alphabet
By Barbara Klunder
Published by Groundwood Books

Twelve minutes south by boat from the shores of Toronto, there is an Island shaped like a shoe. At the toe of the shoe there is a village of about 250 cottages, home to nearly one thousand, including pets. But beyond the houses, on the rest of the Island, live many wild creatures . . .

Imagine that once a year all the animals living on the Toronto Island decked themselves out like people and held a party -- a day for animals only. The amusing result can be seen in this charming alphabet book, where illustrations show animals up to human antics -- playing instruments, cycling, boating, barbecuing, bathing and napping -- on the beloved Island. The work of renowned artist Barbara W. Klunder, this book celebrates one of Canada's most cherished places.

Title: The Animal's Day: An Island Alphabet
Author: Barbara Klunder
Publisher: Groundwood Books