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At a joint launch, Canada Reads 2008 winner Paul Quarrington will celebrate the release of his eagerly anticipated new novel, The Ravine, by singing the blues with Porkbelly Futures, who will debut their new self-titled CD. — A This Is Not A Reading Series event presented by Pages Books & Magazines, Random House Canada and EYE WEEKLY.

Gladstone Hotel Ballroom, 1214 Queen Street W, Toronto
Wed, March 19; 7:30 pm (doors 7 pm) free

THE RAVINE testifies to celebrated novelist Paul Quarrington’s gift for providing hilarious portraits of human despair. As failed television producer Phil McQuigge’s world falls down around his ears, he believes that his bad luck can be traced to a traumatic event from his formative years. He sets out to make amends with a childhood acquaintance, Norman Kitchen, who went with McQuigge and his younger brother Jay down a ravine when something – and McQuigge remains fuzzy on the details – bad happened to them. The Ravine ultimately underscores the difference between finding a sense of redemption and spiritual salvation. In one of the plot’s many comic twists, what McQuigge ends up having to atone for is not the sin that he thinks he committed.

PAUL QUARRINGTON is an acclaimed, award-winning novelist, screenwriter, non-fiction writer and a musician, most recently in the band Porkbelly Futures. His 2004 novel, Galveston, was shortlisted for the Giller Prize, and his novel Whale Music won the Governor General’s Award for Fiction in 1989. Quarrington also won the 1988 Stephen Leacock Medal, and Canada Reads 2008, for his novel King Leary. The Ravine is his tenth novel.

PORKBELLY FUTURES describe their sound as “north country, born of the blues”. The basic founding group consists of Paul Quarrington, Martin Worthy, Chas Elliott, and Stuart Laughton. They perform regularly with Rebecca Campbell. Their popular live performances are characterized by masterful instrumental work, witty banter and the occasional magic trick.



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