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At Pages Books & Magazines we are happy to special order books for you. Note that, while not all books are available for special order, we will conduct a search and check availability of the item(s) you want. We use state-of-the-art tools, giving us access to numerous industry databases that are not open to the public. If a book is in print, we can probably get it for you, though there are always exceptions.
Books we cannot special order:
  • OUT OF PRINT titles. We can, however, search to find out if a book is in print.
  • Some books from very small publishers who do not have a distributor. (Oftentimes we can give you contact info for such publishers so you can order direct.)
  • Foreign titles not published or distributed in the USA or United Kingdom.
  • Non-English titles.
You can use the form below to send us your special order query. We will conduct a search and get back to you before ordering the book. For queries about more than three titles, please contact us by email at: contact [at] pagesbooks [dot] ca.
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