I don’t have any serious challenges during winter. So, I decided to make a list of my favorite things instead of my survival items. Continue reading if you want to know some winter things I love that can be worth trying for you.

Fuzzy Socks 

This Christmas, I got more fuzzy socks to add to my collection. When I wear them in the morning or after I get home after a long day, I feel very happy.

Big Blankets 

My family received a few comfy blankets this year. That’s why you can see blankets on our beds, chairs, and couches. These blankets have made it easier when we want to curl in one.

Easy Workouts

I had to lessen my workouts when I got pregnant. But, I was still able to lift light weights in our living room and walk outside. Though it was hard to get up, I felt much better after doing a mini workout.

Pellet Stove

I love our pellet stove because I can stand 2 inches from it. Though our electricity bill went up, I’m still very happy with our pellet stove. What I like most about is the heat and aesthetic of the fire.

Chai Tea Lattes 

Almost 2 years ago, I made an impulse purchase of a milk frother. I was able to use it in the cold season. I brew my chai tea and mix warm-frothed milk for a cheaper and healthier homemade chai tea.

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