This year, I focused more on reading new releases, so you can expect new books in this post. This was possible because of the enticing book posts that I saw while scrolling through Instagram. Here are some of the fiction books I love for 2019.

The Flatshare (Beth O’Leary)

The slow-build love story is about strangers, Tiffy and Leon, who share a single-room flat. Leon works at night, so he has it during the day and Tiffy has it all by herself at night. So, they only communicate through text messages and Post-It messages. But, as time passes by, they start developing feelings for each other.

Tidelands (Philippa Gregory)

The story happens in England in 1648. Alinor, a poor wise woman descendant, and her children were abandoned by her husband. She finds an opportunity to make their life better when she gets involved in the political civil war by accident. You’ll enjoy the amazing character of Alinor when you read this historical fiction book.

The Institute (Stephen King)

In a quiet suburb, the parents of Luke Ellis were killed. Then, he wakes up in a room that looks like his room at home. But, outside, he saw that he was a prisoner by an organization that violently experiments on kids with special abilities. Luke realizes that he needs to escape to be able to live.  

If you want to try reading Stephen King’s works, this is a great book to start. It doesn’t have a lot of scary details. The story focuses more on the consequences when power is abused. It’s exciting because of the masterful way the author has built up the anticipation of what happens to Luke.

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