Some of the books I’ve recommended in this list will make you smile, cry, or change your perspective. Continue reading to find out the best fiction book of the decade for you.

The Light Between Oceans (M.L. Stedman) 

You’ll find yourself asking a lot of ethical and complex questions in this book. It’s about a lighthouse keeper and his wife finding a boat on shore with a baby in it. Since they had a hard time having a child of their own, they decided to keep the baby and not tell anyone. 

A mother mourns the loss of her husband and child on the mainland. This is an endearing read because of the two mothers in the story and the way the story was written.

Beartown (Fredrik Backman)

This book might become your favorite book. I can truly say that this is one of the best. I love how realistic the characters and scenes are with the other Backman books I’ve read. The poetic approach of this book makes it stand out from the rest. It’s not an exaggeration to consider this book a masterpiece.

The story is about a town hockey team and the way the community was divided when a player got accused of sexual assault. You’ll read what the other players think and learn about the victim, her parents, the boy, his teammates, and the community.

The Almost Sisters (Joshilyn Jackson)

It’s challenging to describe this book because of the many elements in the story. There is racism, the struggles of being a single mother, murder, family secrets, and nerd culture. You might wonder how these were all incorporated into the book. That’s what makes this book worth reading. All the elements are presented well in the story.

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