Summer is the perfect time to read. Though I love reading in bed with a blanket over, it’s a different feeling when I have a fun book to read in summer. Continue reading the best new books to read this season.

Not Like The Movies (Kerry Winfrey)

This is the sequel to Kery Winfrey’s book, Waiting for Tom Hanks. I love this because of the characters. So, I was excited when Not Like The Movies came out. Chloe is the highlight of the story this time.

But, I got a bit disappointed with her because of her self-destructiveness and decision-making skills. I think this was done to make the story longer. So, I won’t recommend this book if you hate stories that are done the same. If you love a light romance read or you loved the prequel, you better read this.

The Book of Lost Names (Kristin Harmel)

People who are interested in World War II should grab this book. After escaping from Paris, Eve saved Jewish children by making forged documents and providing them with new identities. 

The only record of who these children were is in the Book of Lost names. After many years, Eve found this book in Florida. This forced her to face the past again. Even if you’ve never tried reading novels about World War 2, you’ll enjoy reading this book.

What You Wish For (Katherine Center)

Many approaches to love are used in this book. It’s about teachers who try to save a school from a harsh principal. This is a feel-good read that deals with experiencing fear and mental suffering and discovering new ways to love. You’ll want to read it before going to sleep.

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