Are you looking for a new book to read in September 2020? All the books you’ll see here are written by known authors. It’s safe to say this is one of the best months for new book releases I’ve written a list of so far.

The Return (Nicholas Sparks)

The story is about Trevor going to a small town in North Carolina to manage his grandfather’s cabin. He took over because he wanted to rest from his injury in the army. But, he falls in love with her and becomes a part of her life unexpectedly. But, the problem starts when there seems to be a secret hidden. 

Tools of Engagement (Tessa Bailey)

This is about enemies in a house-flipping competition who fall in love with each other. Wes and Bethany work together to renovate a seemingly potential house. Since there are a lot of steamy scenes, you better be ready to read them. 

One by One (Ruth Ware)

This thriller novel is great for the cold season. A group of employees attending a company retreat got stuck at a cabin due to snow. It seemed fun, but it wasn’t until they had to fight other people who can’t be trusted to survive.

All The Devils Are Here (Louise Penny)

If you’re a fan of the very popular Gamache series, this is another book from this series. So, there’s no reason for you to not get this. I’m trying to navigate through the series. Because, honestly, I just did a quick scan of the synopsis. Even if you haven’t read any book from the series, I’ll still recommend it. For me, the story’s twists and turns and the characters are superb. 

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