This is one of my most loved genres. So, I made a list of romance books I highly recommend. You shouldn’t miss reading these.

People We Meet On Vacation (Emily Henry)

This is a captivating book about two friends who discover the most important thing in their lives. Poppy and Alex met in college and could not have been more opposite from each other. But, going on a forced road trip to their hometown made them finally get along and thus, started their long friendship. Every summer, they went on a trip together. It all ended two years earlier. 

This love story won’t be disappointing. As they grew together, they learned deeply about each other and what they desired the most. What I liked most about this book is how the ending made me feel.

The Ex Talk (Rachel Lynn Solomon)

I saw many Instagram posts at the start of 2021 about this book. So, I expected a lot. Good thing it didn’t disappoint. This romantic and funny book will let you experience what it’s like on public radio.

Shay hates Dominic, the new hire, but she tolerates working with him to make her dreams in the radio industry come true. But, with her new show, she and Dominic have to play exes. As the show runs, she feels that their on-air relationship can become a reality. You’ll love the connection between Shay and Dominic because of their scenes and banters.

It Happened One Summer (Tessa Bailey)

If you’re a Schitt’s Creek fan, this is a must-read for you. The book is inspired by this TV series. A Hollywood sweetheart was forced to go to a small beach town when her family decided not to financially support her. 

She was forced to manage her late father’s bar to learn about responsibility. But she got into a conflict with the local captain there. This book was well written, and you’ll fall in love with the main characters.

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