What Is TINARS? 


William Gibson
This is not a reading series.
This is a series
that presents
writers and artists
who have new books.
Chester Brown & Seth (R)
This is Pages Books & Magazines connecting
such authors to audiences
(with a little help from our friends).
Marc Glassman, Moses Znaimer, Jennifer Morton & Michael O'Connor (L to R)
This is writers talking about anything and everything: late night fiction, early morning hangovers, the politics of pot, octopuses on hockey rinks, the future of poetry, the history of cyborgs, the location of the mind, the cultural
significance of the
Warren Kinsella
This is artists sometimes doing a lot more than talking...
Rob Benvie Ray Robertson
This is music, movies, performance art, interviews, sculpture, photography, puppetry, acrobatics, comedy, webcasting, dancing... and a whole lot of other stuff!
This is anything BUT reading. (Well, almost anything.)
This is listening.
This is watching.
This is debating.
This is discussing.
This is fascinating.
Douglas Coupland
Mike "Bubbles" Smith
Damhnait Doyle, Tara MacLean, Kim Stockwood & Kevin Fox (L to R)
This is drinks at The Gladstone Hotel, that hip Queen West joint where people do all manner of artistic stuff.
Karen Hines
This is special events at larger venues
across downtown Toronto.
This is signing and selling books.
This is beginning each September
and continuing
through May.
Linda McQuaig
This is a work in progress...
Isabella Rossellini
Isabella Rossellini
Isabella Rossellini
This is a literary event series called:
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